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Beyond Bolts and Nuts...

I'm a designer who loves making products and creating experiences. But guess what? I didn't start in design—I actually learned a lot about machines and stuff being a Mechanical Engineer!

Having recently graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a Masters of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) 've finely crafted a set of skills of intricate problem-solving, systems thinking, the art of weaving captivating stories, multidisciplinary collaboration across different fields.

I wear many hats as a designer—At times I'm a Visual Designer creating compelling communication artifacts, or a Design strategist building strategies and roadmaps for organizations to anticipate future needs, and other times I'm a Product Designer, creating products that fits perfectly into people's lives.

Master of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)                                    
Institute of Design at Illinois Institute Of Technology                                 
GPA: 3.9, Graduate Merit Scholarship Recipient.

Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical Engineering                                  
College of Engineering Adoor, GPA: 8.5/10                                        

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