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Celebrating the 85th anniversary of IIT Institute of Design (ID) Chicago, the Design Museum of Chicago collaborated with ID to create an experience that represents and honors ID's rich complex history and innovative spirit. The goal was to create an exhibition experience that will represent the history as well as the future direction of the Institute of Design. 

Project reading time : ~ 10 minutes

My Role

Design Researcher

Design Strategist

Spatial Designer

Tools and Methods

Field research
Rhino 3D
Adobe Suite
Digital Manufacturing


William Chen
Martin Thaler
Sujith Samuel


August - December 2023

Gradient Background

"How might we celebrate the diversity and progression of ID by showcasing its rich history and innovative spirit in a meaningful and interactive way?"

What did the client say

The great success of last night's opening (amazing conversation) and visitorship to the exhibition thus far (800+ alone over the preview weekend) is a testament to the hard work and thoughtfulness that each of you put into this. 

I think it also says something quite en pointe about the welcome refrain that we've been hearing of late: ID's commitment to collaboration, a theme of the exhibition, is one that played out in the creation of the exhibition itself. 

- Kristin Gecan, Assistant Dean & Senior Director for Content 


From a simple bar of soap to innovative solutions for food, energy, and manufacturing, from camping shelters to apps for urban adventurers, We created an exhibition experience that highlighted the significance of design and the Institute of Design through 85 captivating stories and the crucial role that design plays in enhancing everyday life.



The project kicked off with a week of field research, followed by three weeks of desk research, synthesis and concept sketching. After which we started half scale/full scale prototyping  couple of ideas on the space for 

research (1).png


productivity (1).png



Concept sketching




Final Build


The project kicked off with a week of field research, where we visited 5 different museums to familiarize ourselves with  how people experience different exhibitions and to identify the pain points in navigating through the narrative. 


We started out with abstracting the idea of insurance to security from risk, using abstraction ladder framework. This framework grounded our whole research process . This helped in reframing the problem statement to "How can we identify changes in risk landscape over history and how can we extrapolate it to the future to identify see the threats to insurance industry".

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